With over 40 years avicultural experience, having kept everything from British and Canaries to Foreign Finches, Softbills and Parrotlike, we are in a prime position to select dry goods and consumables which we know will provide the best quality and value.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide you, the birdkeeper, with quality products from reliable, quality sources which you can trust now and in the future. It is also a core principal of Euravian to seek-out and champion new, inovative products from a wide variety of suppliers.


We source all our products from both the UK and Europe to ensure top quality across our range while delivering at an affordable price. We are also contantly searching for new products which we believe will make a positive impact on aviculture.


As we absorb new products into our range, we aim to increase our customer loyalty base and become a trusted, leading supplier of avicultural goods throughout the market.